Code of Conduct

To promote the best interest of the film industry, members will agree to act with continuity, confidence, and privacy.  AFIN members will treat our customers, partners, and fellow AFIN members fairly and with utmost respect while adhering to common ethical standards, methods of operation and professional conduct.    The following points shall be followed by all AFIN members:

  1. Members will operate their business with honesty and fairness. This pertains to employees, partners, customers and other members.
  2. Members agree to protect relationships with customers while acting on behalf of the member who is sharing contact information, this will includes not “stealing’ or bidding against the other member.
  3. Members will strive to achieve and maintain the highest level of professionalism and application standards within their own companies and expect it from companies they associate with.
  4. Members will strive to protect the well-being and reputation of other members, AFIN directors, partners, and associated companies and individuals the AFIN.
  5. Members will warn and protect other members and the association when issues arise that could cause financial, emotional, or industry hardship.
  6. Members will not solicit potential employees by initiating contact with AFIN member employees concerning potential employment opportunities in any way.
  7. Members will not use confidential and proprietary AFIN member company information for personal gain without prior consent, nor shall any member use the network for means other than themselves or their company.
  8. AFIN members will not subcontract film installation to non-certified parties, and will represent film installations as certified film installations only when performed by a certified employee of an AFIN Certified company.
  9. AFIN A&D members agree to specify only AFIN certified installation individuals or companies, and enforce the specification if presented with a non AFIN certified alternate.

Members found in violation of these standards are subject to disciplinary actions up to and including forfeiture of QCG payments and project certifications, membership dues and revocation of certifications for themselves and their companies.  This code of conduct shall be enforced, as needed, by the AFIN’s governing board.