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Certified AFIN Installers will adhere to AFIN standards as well as manufacture guidelines when selecting the proper film to achieve the desired outcome.

Every installer will have the knowledge of how to prep surfaces to assure       high-performance and beautiful installation. AFIN also warrants their install by placing a warranty on all projects we install. This will allow designers and architects to have a peace of mind when it comes to installation failures or installations that do not live up to expectations.

The AFIN is the benchmark for installation standards and quality certification.  This has been done several ways:

  1. AFIN has established an initial training program, recertification program, installation manual and accreditation course for installers                                   Certified installers are put through a rigorous training and certification course that teaches them the proper way to apply film, prep surfaces, and different techniques. There are multiple levels of install complexity, techniques and results because of the different substrates used. Providing continued education is a critical way to stay current trends and update skill levels; all installers are required to re-certify annually.
  2. AFIN will offer project installation certification to the A&D community and End-users to assure high-quality installations.                                                                     The AFIN Quality Control Group (QCG) is a valuable quality control tool that ensures the film is installed to specification in both custom and standard environments. Since architectural film is typically one of the most visible aspects of a project, AFIN will assure your installer has followed the proper techniques and processes in order to complete a quality and durable finished product.
  3. AFIN will act as an independent judge and jury for installation issues or warranty and failure claims on certified projects.                                                                           AFIN’s QCG is a nationwide team consisting of Master Certified Installers (MCI) that will inspect your certified projects for beauty, compliance, and durability. MCI’s have many years of experience installing architectural film. MCI’s are also re-certified by AFIN annually.
  4.  AFIN pioneers installation techniques, push material capabilities, and continuously does R&D work to keep our installers up with current trends.                                     AFIN encourages all the members to participate in contest that are intended to push the limits of film. By providing a safe network with discussion boards, all the members are able to express knowledge or ideas that may create awareness of films and their cutting edge capabilities.
  5. AFIN will maintain and present an AIA accreditation course for film and film installation both online and in classroom formats.                                                         AFIN will use this course to help revolutionize different design techniques, present value engineering options, and demonstrate the viability of film as a green alternative. This course emphasizes the reuse of existing materials, how we cut down on construction lead times as well as the level of minimal disruption to clients during the construction process.

AFIN Film Installer Network Membership

  • Free to Architects, Designer, and Interior Specialists.

Agreement Membership Agreement

  • Code of Conduct
  • Agreement with Terms and Conditions

AIA Continuing Education Seminar

  • Members will receive 50% off AFIN’s continuing education seminars worldwide

Member Recognition:

  • Members with more than 2 QCG projects per year will be recognized as a Silver level affiliates during that year, and members with more than 4 QCG projects per year will be listed as gold level affiliates and recognized during an upcoming industry relevant trade show.
  • Members that specify AFIN Installation and notify AFIN of at least 3 jobs per year will be listed on AFIN as affiliated Architect, Designer, or interior specialist.


Download the AFIN Membership Application here.