Corporate GCs, Remodelers, Facilities

AFIN offer members a significant price savings for training the staff at our site or having  highly-skilled installers be sent out to then teach the staff at a preferred location. AFIN will also examine other skilled installers for outside location projects.  AFIN not only has a grand network of architectural film installers, but AFIN also monitors the industry nationally. We than are able to help assure that business ethics are followed by its members and those consumers can count on the professionalism of our AFIN Certified Installers.

Key Benefits of being an AFIN member include

  1. Price advantages on film products                                                                                   AFIN offers tools and film at reduced and bulk prices to our members. This will result in reduced cost on tools and inexpensive consumable items. Only the certified installer at the company may use this benefit.
  2. Project installation referral                                                                                               AFIN works with the architectural and design community to get AFIN’s products noticed and seen, which increases familiarity in the overall market.  In return, making the certification more valuable. AFIN also contacts local installers to work on installations when granted a project.
  3. Professional certification to increase your credibility in the marketplace and with employers                                                                                                                           AFIN pioneers installation techniques, push material capabilities, and continuously does R&D work to keep our installers up with current trends. AFIN has created and will continue to maintain our AIA accreditation course for film and film installation. Both will be offered online and in classroom setting. This allows installers to understand and reciprocate architect and designer dialect, which will help sell the services and product much easier.
  4. Find additional certified installers when needed                                                               If there is a job that is too large for your company or a customer has a project that cannot be completed, AFIN offers a solution. Through AFIN, members have the opportunity to contract other local and national members to help complete the project successfully.
  5. Ability to buy services through AFIN such as insurance and project bonding           AFIN offers its members affordable group rates on insurance, bonding and other hard to get business necessities that keep you from working on bigger jobs.
  6. Exclusive Film Installer Manual                                                                                         AFIN’s manual is a compilation of the best up-to-date techniques and procedures for many of the conditions installers will face in the field. This will be a valuable resource as many installers continue to grow their businesses and face different challenges during the install.
  7. Network discussion boards to discuss difficult or challenging installation with other members                                                                                                                       These discussion boards will allow installers to communicate freely about different scenarios that they’ve faced in the field and how others overcame the same obstacles.
  8. Quarterly contests for several categories of film installation                               Awards will be given out for new techniques, best installation, most creative installation or design, most square foot consumed and many more.
  9. AFIN actively markets to the largest corporations to create installation opportunities nationwide for AFIN members.


AFIN GC/Remod/Fac Network Membership

  • All companies who hire or maintain in-house installers must maintain a corporate membership at  $995/year  to the Architectural Film Installer Network (AFIN) ($895 with automated payments on January 1 of each year)

Agreement Membership Agreement

  • Code of Conduct
  • Agreement with Terms and Conditions

Architectural Film Installation Training

  • $1500 for individual basic, 3-day training which will certify for flat surface walls & ceilings
  • $2500 for individual advanced, 5-day training which will fully certify for complex curves
  • Group rates for company specific training available, please contact AFIN for more info.

Continuing Education

  • Installers may bypass refresher training if they purchase 250m of film, or more, through the AFIN, and attest that they install that material successfully during the calendar year.  If this does not occur, then to continue certification they attend mandatory 2-day ($1000) refresher training course.

Download the AFIN Membership Application here.